Spectacle business

Nothing really matters to anyone
Distortion is compelling
Disguise is fulfilling
Is everything you see ,what it really is?
See blindly
Ditch the spectacle business.


How I say this and do that


Yes that thing.It’s called something.Let’s give it a name.Shall we?


And why am I the biggest hypocrite you will ever come across?Read on.

1.Its ok for me to reach late everywhere but my friends shouldn’t.

2.I can’t tolerate the heat but I only take warm showers.Yes in this heat too.(Thats my body ,not me being a hypocrite)

3.I argue with my mother & sister over something I find wrong and I do the same thing in the next couple of days.(max)

4.I found selfies lame initially,now I endorse them.

5.I dreamt of passing the lokpal bill once,next day I dreamt of cancelling it.

6.Also I believe gender equality can only be achieved if women are 5 steps ahead of men.Beat sexism with sexism.

7.I can go from extreme hate to extreme love.And give you reasons why you should hate him/her/it too.
A) I didn’t like beyonce a lot ,but now I love her.
B) Katy perry came out with dark horse.I hated it and told everyone how stupid it was.Just took me a couple of days to like it.

People,I don’t blame your’ll for making me like this.


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What you expect as a kid and what you get as an adult

1.As a kid you are made to believe that you are an achiever and that there’s nothing called losing.
Instead,when you grow up, life is the exact opposite.You feel like a loser and you’ve lost faith in achieving.

2.You grow up believing there’s a god.No questions asked
Fully grown ,you wonder if there’s one and question everything (which is not a bad thing)

3.If you were really good in studies and have never failed,you are screwed cause people expect you to be really successful.That raises hopes and u get overconfident.
You are now 24 and have flunked a couple of times in your professional exam People look at you like you are a mass murderer.They start pitying you.

4.When u were a kid you thought you’d get the best job and that your life would be better than others.

You are unemployed.People give you advice.AT EVERY STEP.The people you hate have the best jobs in the world.Highly successful.Basically they are light years ahead of you.

5.You always believed you’d be surrounded by friends forever and that you’d never be alone.
No one would leave you.

In short ,now few of your friends have left you and don’t really care about you.

So that’s how my life has been.
Complete opposite.

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The Test

After having gone through two rough romance phases which (let me clarify) were not official commitments/relationships but just a severe liking for each other which unfortunately could not be sewn into a relationship ,I have prepared a test for the next guy to take.
Its official.

8 questions :


1.How busy are you ?Will you find the time to text/reply to your girlfriend? ( not that we aren’t busy but guys get busy even if they are watching tv )(bad multitaskers)

2.Are u a sexist? You don’t mind losing to a woman ? At everything??

3.Do u have a job that will require to relocate you in anyway?
(yes the second guy had to relocate)

4.Are u a cheater?

5.Are u scared to make it official ?To publicly announce??

6.Are you cool if a girl defends herself?Physically ??from a goon?

7.Does your mind change too often?

8.You swear all the above answers given by u are true?

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How lonely are you

You deal with it everyday and pray that one day it just gets over.Maybe a miracle.You start thinking impractical stuff as to how it should end.It is your best friend.You don’t really consider anyone as your friend.They are just people you meet and interact with.You are lonely.And there’s nothing you can do about it.
You get desperate.And it shows.And it pushes you even further in that deep hole.You want to come out.You are jealous of everyone having friends.You leave it for the day.You never want to share yourself.You want to entertain yourself to keep it from falling apart.
It goes on.

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How men claim to not be sexists and how they are

Men,a word forming a part of women.I have come across men who claim they aren’t sexists and the next thing I know is they are.
They have their takes on everything.Or maybe I have met the wrong guys.
A friend told me he would never sit on a scooter if a woman is riding it.And he claimed to support womens’ equality rights.
I was surprised.For me equality involves tolerance and complete surrender to the fact that yes there is someone as good as you.Surprise.
I believe staunchly ,atleast in India ,sexism can be beaten only with sexism.And I dream hard ,dream hard to make it work.Hopefully,we will.

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Half-Marathon; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Body

Four Fucks for the fashion industry.Seriously

The Z-Axis

I’ve never told anyone these things. My parents, my sister, my friends – no one. So heads up. You’re the first to know.

For the last few years, I have grown, slowly but steadily, to despise the way my body looks.

When I was a kid, I was always told how skinny I was. I didn’t break fifty pounds until I was eight years old. In high school I was always the smallest – height and weight – of my friends. I grew up knowing, somehow, intuitively, that ‘being skinny’ was something good, that it was something I should maintain. In high school, that belief was confirmed and reinforced by magazines, friends who were constantly ‘dieting’, and my school’s insistence on athletic rigor and social ostracism of students who didn’t fit the body ideal. But I was always warned that, as a woman, ‘my time would come’, I would have kids…

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